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5 Reasons To Invest in a TENS Machine

  • 3 min read

Two women holding Aura pain relief device by VUSH next to their faces


Wait, what actually is a TENS machine?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation units, or TENS machines, are little devices used to manage pain. Using adhesive gel pads applied to painful areas of the body, TENS machines pass electro pulses across the skin. These pulses trick pain receptors and block pain signals to the brain, providing a fantastic solution for even the most severe period pain. Every month, too many of us suffer from debilitating period pain that ranges from menstrual cramps and lower back pain to breast tenderness and irregular bowel movements. That’s where TENS machines come in.




1. Natural, Healthy Pain Relief

TENS machines are perfect for those wanting drug-free period pain relief. Say goodbye to painkillers, TENS machines offer a natural alternative (because let’s be real, herbal teas only do so much).

Not only do TENS machines reduce pain quickly without side effects, they actually release endorphins! Endorphins are those happy hormones that reduce pain signals and make us feel good after activities like sex, exercise and listening to music. When you’re menstruating, it can feel like they’re in short supply, so getting a few extra endorphins from a TENS machine never hurts.


2. Confidently Get On With Life

Period pain can be debilitating, especially if you’ve got a chronic illness or hormonal health concern such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The average person will spend 18 weeks of their lives cancelling plans to stay in bed or sit on the couch in pain. Instead of missing social events, school or work (by the way, when is menstrual leave going to be a thing?), self administer your TENS machine and wear it on the go.

Aura is silent, small and cordless, making it super convenient and subtle enough to wear discreetly under clothes. Not only are TENS machines portable, they actually work fast and last (unlike those teas, heat packs, and painkillers). Aura can be worn for 5 hours, so you can spend your whole morning with friends or at school or work without hesitation. 


3. Proven Technology

TENS technology has been around since the 70’s. Despite electrotherapy being used for pain relief in the 19th century, early stage TENS machines were replaced by painkillers and pharmaceuticals. In 1964, Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall developed a theory to explain how pain signals can be blocked from the brain, which influenced the development of TENS.

The first TENS machine was patented by neurosurgeon Clyde Norman Shealy in 1974. By the late 80’s, TENS machines were being used in hospitals to manage labour pains during birth, as a natural alternative to drugs and epidurals. Flashforward to 2022, Aura is born: A subtle, cordless TENS machine designed by VUSH to relieve period pain naturally. Aura is TGA approved, FDA approved and CE mark certified.


4. Value for Money 

While it might seem like an initial investment, the price of Aura equates to less than £6 per period over a 3 year timeline. You’re probably already spending more than that on ineffective painkillers and teas! TENS machines will last you years. You may need to restock the adhesive gel pads every once in a while, but there’s no way you’ll be making as many trips to the supermarket or chemist for painkillers, doctor for prescriptions, or local organic grocer for expensive herbs.

Conversion table showing average price of Aura equates to less than 6 euro per period over 3 years


5. Not Just For Period Pain!

TENS machines are great for temporary relief of any pain, whether it be back pain, muscle aches or a sore neck and shoulders. People with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) can use TENS machines to soothe abdominal cramps. Since intractable pain is hard to treat, the focus often becomes to reduce discomfort as much as possible. TENS machines provide immediate pain relief, no matter the body part. The only pain TENS machine isn’t recommended for is discomfort associated with pregnancy.



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